Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Oh Sure, We're Not Going To Attack Iran...

As the Iraqi insurgency continues on, killing dozens more every day, sinking our troops even further into quagmire despite the recently hailed Iraqi elections, it is important to remember the real reason the U.S., led by Dubya and his neocon-men, were hell bent for leather to go into Iraq in the first place--not W.M.D's, nor regime change, but oil and a misguided sense of loyalty to Israel. Yes, the same Israel that spied on us in the 1950's and used that stolen intelligence to form the basis for the nuclear weapons program that they now "may or may not have". (Oh the rich ironies...the United States would never invade Israel to deter their nuclear weapons program and we KNOW they have the weapons since we tacitly and sometimes directly helped them develop it.)

For a terrific analysis of the current foreign policy in the Middle East, as well as a possible preview of horrors to come, please do yourself a favor and check out this dispatch from Ray McGovern, a former CIA officer and presidential advisor who lays out exactly what it is that Dubya and his handlers have in mind for the next four years and beyond. It's why "Peace Now" should be more than a slogan and why nothing less than our children's future is at stake.