Tuesday, January 04, 2005

THIS JUST IN: It Might Not Be So Good To Be Non-White

If the AIDS Don't Get You, The Bureaucrats Might...

From the AP comes more news today that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Dr. Jonathan Fishbein, formerly of the National Institute of Health, testitifed today that a U.S. funded study on AIDS medication in Uganda was so flawed and careless that it may actually have put the lives of hundreds of mothers and their babies at risk. Is the capital of Uganda Tuskegee?

Dr. Jonathan Fishbein said officials at the National Institutes of Health overlooked problems with the way the study was conducted on the drug, nevirapine, which was being used to protect babies in Africa from HIV infection during birth.

Fishbein testified before a panel of scientists at the independent Institute of Medicine NIH, which maintains that the drug is safe in single doses, asked the institute to conduct the review.

Recently, President Bush okayed $500 million worth of funding to use nevirapine throughout Africa.

Fishbein testified that the study was not merely careless, but that it revealed "a callous indifference to the fate of Africans. African life, it would appear, is not to be valued as highly as American life."

If you've never heard of nevirapine or heard of it being used to treat AIDS and HIV here in the States, well, now you know why.

Of course, what are we to expect from a country that historically has knowingly disseminated smallpox laden blankets to Native American tribes, that has knowingly given syphillis to African-American men with no intention of ever curing them, what do we expect from a country that regularly invades and bombs nations of black and brown people, and dropped the deadliest weapon in the world on a nation of "yellow" people?

The irony here, if there is one, is that in a lot of cases, nevirapine seems to help treat the symptoms of AIDS/HIV, especially among infants. One wonders though, if that's just a happy accident...


(Click here for the entire AP article on the Uganda field study.)

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Blogger Mafesto said...

Even funnier, (maybe not), is that new studies show the HIV testing system to be seriously flawed, and that anyone who recently built up more anti-bodies than the body is used to,

(from doing drugs, sodomy, ingesting too much karatin, etc.),

can test positive for HIV. Especially if you are gay, do drugs, or is Black, Mexican, or Puerto Rican, you fall directly into a high risk group, which most of society fits in. That means that possibly 70 percent of all people who tested positive for HIV might not actually have it. But they sure are paying major moola up the pang-pa-ting-tang hole for medication. My uncle had AIDs, paid 20 g's for meds, just to die a year later.

Sounds fishy to me. www.virusmyth.net

1:18 AM  

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