Monday, October 04, 2004

99 PROBLEMS & BUSH IS ONE (or a lot more...)

Everyone is shocked, shocked by how poorly our Commander-in-Chief performed in last Thursday's debate. I myself was just as shocked, shocked by how much it hurt when I accidentally leaned on my heated stove top and burned myself. My God, what will happen next? We'll discover that snow is cold, that the Cubs won't win the World Series that Jesus was Jewish. Frankly, I'm waiting for a real revelation and you won't go broke betting that Kerry brings more ammo to a battle of wits.

At least John Kerry, the candidate America Would Like To Embrace But is Still Somewhat Confused By, finally has some much needed momentum after weeks (months?) of running a campaign that seemed to be going in circles like a Swift Boat with only one oar. (Clever allusions are thrown in at no extra charge as a service to you, the loyal reader). John Edwards, who is so cute I just want to pinch his cheeks (both sets), will undoubtedly make mincemeat of Dick "Evil Overlord" Cheney, who is so unlikeable even his own party floated the idea of replacing him. So it will come down to the final three weeks with Kerry holding a slim lead and having to decide whether to go for the jugular or play it safe and not squander what he's fought so hard to attain.

I say keep up the attack. Al Gore's greatest weakness in 2000 was a tendency to try and play it safe. He went soft when he should have been tough. He played defense when he should have gone on offense. And he won--but left it so close that the election could still be taken away from him by a GOP oligarchy that has always been more opportunistic than their Democratic counterparts. Kerry did an excellent job finally defining exactly what his position is on foreign policy and Iraq and he needs to do the same when it comes to both the "Town Hall" debate and the domestic policy debate, being careful not to let Bush and his handlers paint him as a tax and spend liberal.

(By the way, what's so wrong about being a "tax-and-spend" Liberal? This is a digression, but what we have now is a "no tax and spend" conservative, which means we don't raise any money, most normal people don't see much of a relief to the assault on their earnings, we get less services from our governement with less value while tax breaks are doled out to big buisness so that they send more jobs overseas with a bigger profit margin at home. This is preferable to a tax and spend Liberal? Just goes to show you how Progressives no longer control the debate in this country and are a long way from getting it back.)

To paraphrase Jay-Z (don't retire Jay-Z, please come back!), in a battle of wits President Bush vs. John Kerry is a like a guy who talks a lot but couldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight. It doesn't matter. Perception is reality and most people are comfortable with somebody who is "more like them", speaks plainly and taps into whatever hot button issues they view the election through. That's the challenge facing Senator Kerry the rest of the way and it should be obvious by now that his success will have a profound effect on the future of the American Republic as we know it going forward these next ten years. It's time for the "A" game not the "Z" game because it's all about the debates now people, and the best person for the job (not to be confused with the RIGHT person for the job) is going to need every single vote to win on November 3rd.

Out of Left Field

Because I don't play in "Right" field...the Boston Red Sox will defeat the Houston Astros in the World Series, 4 games to 2. The apocalypse will begin approximately 20 minutes after the trophy presentation. You heard it here first...