Tuesday, September 07, 2004

CHENEY TO VOTERS: Kerry will eat your babies!

Push, push, in the Bush...

Well, the GOPs are at it again. From the voice of the Republican Party, Fox News, comes this article about how VP Dick Cheney is telling voters that if they vote for John Kerry the country will be attacked by terrorists:


This I guess is designed to frighten those who haven't yet grasped that our country is currently being RUN by terrorists (what's the threat level at these days?), but it's still galling that the news media (ha ha, lol!) hasn't covered speeches like this more closely and put the magnifying glass to all the Great Karl Rove lies. I like the Democratic response to this fearmongering (for once), but honestly it's about the most depressing thing in this presidential election--Bush calls Kerry a flip-flopper and everyone forgets about the ultimate flip-flop, the one about the WMD's in Iraq; Zell "Benedict Arnold" Miller questions Kerry's heroism, but no one questions the "Commander-in-Chief" who's never actually done an honest day's time in the service in his life; Cheney says Kerry is too soft on terrorism, but Cheney and Bush are in bed with the bin Ladens, the Saudi's and godknowswhoelse and the rest of the country (except for us leftist "wackos") is out whistling Dixie. And secretly hoping Florida gets hit with another hurricane.

My time is up. You've been a great audience. Please tip your wait staff and don't let friends vote Republican...