Tuesday, August 31, 2004


I feel like a fox (the canine, not the dog of a network I may or may not work for) that got caught in a trap and now has to gnaw his way to freedom, lame, bloodied, but oh so dangerous...the Democratic convention, the Olympics and now the Republican Convention have come and gone, or will have come and gone, and I've barely said a peep about any of it.

The Swift Boat Smear. The "Unwinnable" War on Terrorism gaffe. Barack Obama. Arnold Schwarzeneggar. The polls. The pointlessness of polls. It's all building up inside me like bubbling lava rising to the lip of a volcanic crater. And it's gonna blow! ("Blow" as in explode, not as in "suck", like the new fall television season.)

Well, summertime is just about over. There's another hurricane about to savage the East Coast. Football season is about to start. It's time to come back from my self-imposed hiatus.

From home and from work, from cybercafe's and my g.f.'s computer, from mountain high and valley low, I will blog to you. Whether there's anybody out there or not, I will blog, I will preach the gospel of how this is the most important presidential election of our lifetime, I will spread the truth about Iraq, I will hurl brickbats and invective at the Soulless Media Machine and I will work to make it all stick. You can't stop me, you can only contain me...

Starting after the conclusion of the Nazi Groupthink--er, I mean GOP convention look for regular twice a week or more blogs about what's going on in the world today and more. I promise to be better than ever. Unlike the Swift Boat Veterans and Karen Hughes, I will try to tell the truth. And I will, on occasion, even be a little entertaining.

So I hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day weekend. The 2004 presidential campaign is just getting started and so am I. (And the rest of us at Dissent Channel too...I'm not selling them short, but it takes a nation of millions to hold them back).

For now I bid you adieu, beg you to stay informed and wish you all the best.

Peace Now.
Dissents and Laments


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