Friday, September 03, 2004

CNN: Conservative News Network?

Some thoughts from the dissent channel nation about the lack of coverage of Kerry's rebuttal to Bush's rose colored, misleading, "compassionate conservative", completely untrue acceptance speech on September 2nd:

I laugh and cry every time some pundit, politician or just plain folk gets on the TV and talks about the "liberal media bias". How can there be such a thing when a network like CNN, supposedly more balanced then the obviously biased Fox News Channel, doesn't even give one minute of time to covering a major speech by the opposition candidate which rebuts several misleading statements made by the President of the United States? This leads me to believe that CNN (and CBS/ABC/NBC) wouldn't even give the opposition point of view of the State of the Union if they weren't sort of required to. It leads me to believe that their interests in this election--and they shouldn't have any interest, other than to report the truth--lies clearly with the power and the president in charge.

I encourage everybody reading this to go to John Kerry's website to read his rebuttal and to never trust CNN to give you the straight story on any political coverage again.

Some letters to CNN by my cohorts. Very pointed and truthful observations:

Dear Fox, Jr.,
I know you call yourselves CNN, but your lack of
actual news coverage coupled with your emphasis on editorializing, propagandizing, and flag-waving suggests to me that you're actually another pathetic arm of Fox Un-News. While I don't expect much in the way of unbiased news coverage from the networks, I naively believed that CNN was at least attempting to give its viewers a somewhat balanced viewpoint. But, when I tune in to CNN after the GOP convention and find no coverage of Kerry's response to the Bush/Cheney attacks on his character/abilities/attitudes/record/platform, I can't help thinking that you're as insidious as Fox. The bozos running Fox are so unsophisticated and classless that they can't even admit to their biases, but the bozos running CNN are just as bad for pretending you have no biases and insisting that you balance your perspectives. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's sick and tired of the so-called "liberal media" being at most, on the cusp of moderate, and at least, as "fair and balanced" as Fox. Stop kowtowing to the conservative viewpoint that a critical media is a bad thing, and give us the damn news! (EOE)

Where was CNN's coverage of Kerry's response to Bush?????? What is wrong with you people???

We sat up until after 1 AM waiting for some coverage of Kerry's midnight rally and there was nothing. CNN is increasingly disappointing. You better wish that nothing resembling real fair and balanced reporting and TRUTH TELLING ever shows up on cable! If so, your uselessness will be horribly evident! (LA)

Dear CNN,
Where was coverage of John Kerry's speech in Ohio last night (Thursday, Sept. 2)? I have checked today, and I still do not find archived video of the speech or a transcript; neither is the screaming headline, "Kerry says Bush 'unfit to lead this nation'," on your front page. What gives? It's not enough that this article on CNN is from the AP wire? Where is CNN on the ground? Why doesn't CNN value retail politics? Why do I have to do a keyword search to get to this article? John Kerry makes the most forceful statement of the campaign so far and you are caught snoozing. This does not inspire confidence, and I am just one of many of your viewers who is fed up w/ the failure of CNN to fairly cover the news as it happens. CNN's attempts to mirror the dubious tactics of its rival FOX News fail again; selective presentations of events will not garner an audience. In fact, you have lost another viewer. I will seek to get my news from C-Span and the BBC. Here's a final note to your news director: things are happening in real time in the world, not only in pundits' fevered imaginations. You should give Bill Schneider and Kelly Wallace a vacation and go back to being a news organization.

Yours in disgust,

Chris Rock has a famous routine where he talks about how Black people can get rich but can never get wealthy because we tend to waste money on flashy trinkets like rims that "are spinnin', they spinnin', they spinnin'. Look at them spinnin'". CNN, MSNBC, CNBC (is that even a network? I mean really?), Fox News--they can't ever report the truth because their pundits are too busy "spinnin,' they spinnin' and spinnin'". Here's hoping that all those conservative pundits spin in their graves one day, when we finally have the progressive revolution we deserve.