Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Lie #412: Social Security is Falling Down

Check out this article in the new Rolling Stone in which economist Paul Krugman lays out exactly why Bush's social security privatization plan is more bullshit from the people who brought you WMD's and Enron's "Kenny Boy" Lay. Not only is social security not in any real danger of going broke, it is actually more solvent in many ways than the rest of the federal government's programs. Remember the GOP's greatest desire for the last 50 years people--to strip away all the entitlements the Federal government provides so that more money can be poured into the private sector (read: rich people). Don't believe the hype and turn the heat onto your senators and congresspeople to not let it happen.

40 Acres and A Mule...and the Bank...And Your Insurance Company...and the South...

A GOP congressman from California wanted to tie the payment of social security benefits to the race and gender of the recipients. No one expects this measure to take off, but the fact that it could even be suggested on the open floor of the House as a means of "alleviating" the burden on Social Security is disgusting and infuriating. What if we tied the allocation of resources in this country to the amount of labor and hardship that was contributed by the groups that built this country? White men would have nothing. Black women, followed by black men, white woman, Native Americans of either gender, Chinese-Americans and then on down the list to white men at the bottom would own every thing, control every resource would have this country in the palms of their collective hands lock, stock and barrel. But I'm not suggesting this because it's lunacy and it goes against the very concept of a United States. If you are a citizen you should get what's coming to you based on what you put away while you were working it's just that simple. Are we Americans in the 21st century, or Europeans in almost any century? Let's bury this idea before it even starts to see the light of day.

The R Spot's a'Rockin

Most of the Oscar picks were anticipated by my year end top movie choices, not bad if I do say so myself. (See my blog The R Spot. It's fun!) Check back throughout the week to get my take on the Academy Award nominations, who I thought got unfairly overlooked and why the Oscars have become the 2nd biggest Sunday event in these United States after the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Pick

And since I brought it up (I know you didn't ask! It can't be all politics, all the time--that makes dissent channel a dull boy!), here's my Super Bowl pick. Don't take it to the bank, or Vegas, or Vinnie on the corner:

New England 20, Philadelphia 17 (OT)

That's right...the first overtime Super Bowl. And no Nipplegate this year, although I hear at halftime Bush and Cheney will be by and Bush will attempt to give a short foreign policy speech as the Veep drinks a glass of water. Should be interesting...

Peace Now.