Sunday, January 23, 2005


My compadre has already eloquently outlined Priority #1 for the next four years: protecting the rights of women in this country to choose what they can and cannot do with their own bodies (that's what Pro-Life really is people). I thought I'd add a few other bullet points for progressives to speak out for in the next four years. Saddle up and mofo's and let's ride...

1) The Environment - Congress has already agreed to let the Department of the Interior open up several hundred thousand acres protected on Alaska's North Slope for oil development. Keep in mind that no matter how much oil may be buried under the frozen tundra of the North Slope, the most it could add to our practical oil reserves is 25 years. Our grandchildren will still need to find alternative fuels for their cars and every piece of plastic, vinyl and petroleum based product that we use had better be recycled or else we won't be able to live in our homes, wear any clothes or package most of our food because petroleum is the basis of all of that. And as we've seen, invading the Middle East to control their oil supply isn't the best answer either. We have to try and protect what's left of our biosphere and our Earth's natural habitat and we won't be able to do it through drilling for more oil and building more roads and pipelines to support those digs. (For more information and ways to proactively support this cause, contact NRDC [National Resources Defense Council], the Sierra Club, Earth First and you may also write letters to your local congressperson, senator or the Department of the Interior).

2) Increasing the regulatory function of the FCC for good causes, instead of morality clauses - Michael Powell (son of Colin) stepping down as chairperson is a good start, but the airwaves belong to the people and are supposed to be managed by the government--not given wholesale to giant media corporations to do with as they please. This is something the FCC, especially under Republican administrations, is loathe to do. I'd like to see restrictions on network ownership of local TV stations (no more than nine per network, and since UPN and CBS are owned by the same parent company, no double-dipping)...less concern about exposed nipples and more concern about making sure local news and programming is covered and treated with respect.

3) Ending the war in Iraq - We at dissent channel have devoted about 2 million words to this subject already, but it goes without saying that the longer we continue to bankrupt ourselves on an endless conflict in Iraq (while preparing for possible future incursions into Iran and Syria) the less money we'll have for social security, public schools, fixing our health care system and protecting the environment. Oh, and by the way, they don't want us there and there were no weapons of mass destruction, no matter how much the Bushies try to spin it.

We'll continue with more action items in the future. Honor the 32nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade. And a shout out to Johnny Carson, R.I.P. to the best late night television host of all time. You've been missed...

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Okay, maybe I'm slightly biased here, but I love Reggie! Thanks for breaking it down so eloquently for us, R. You rock the politico flow.

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