Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Do you LOVE hypocrisy

Do you love hypocrisy? You do!!!??? Then THE GOP IS FOR YOU! Here are two of the reasons why!

Bush wants a “Defense of Marriage” amendment to protect us from all them ravening gayzes and lesbines. Yet, his vice (vice? Is this a sign from god?) president has a daughter who is a lesbian of the diesel variety. Now, Alan “I’m a credit to my race” Keyes’s daughter announces to all and sundry that she is a “liberal queer.” Hmmm… Does it make sense to you that the children of prominent Republicans, would be OPENLY PUBLICLY gay, yet their parents still be involved in hate-mongering? I mean, I would totally cheer for them if Cheney and Keyes went on national TV and said, “My daughter is a sinner, and I renounce her. I hope never to see her again, unless she repents.” I would cheer this because it would at least be consistent with the GOP’s public stance. And yes, I know, I know, Cheney has said that he thinks it should be up to the individual states as to whether to allow same-sex marriages, but what kind of namby-pamby crap is that? He hasn’t said “You, W., are an idiot. My daughter, who I EMBRACED ON NATIONAL TV, is a lesbian, and I think that she is cool!”

Forgive me, I am yammering. Let me see if I can paraphrase. GOPsters hate gays. Two prominent GOPsters have daughters that are openly gay, and those two GOPsters are on record saying “I love my daughter.” Yet these GOPsters aren’t being real vocal in saying the GOP is full of what makes the grass grow green. This, amigos and amigas, is hypocrisy.

Thing number two that makes me say GOPsters are hypocrites: They love the heck out of some “pre-born” babies, but they could give a rip if the “just born” or the “not so recently born” have health care and education and food or clean air and water. So, why is your status in the womb more important than your status in the air? Also, if the “pre-born” are so damn special, why don’t their incubators (i.e. mommies) get health care and so forth?

Forgive me, I’m yammering again. Being confronted with rank hypocrisy does that to me every time.
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Anonymous Robust McManlyPants said...

Well, it's not very comforting, but at least Keyes showed what he's really made of by kicking out Maya the second the campaign was over. She immediately made an appearance at a rally by Equality Maryland, though. I say, you go, girl!

She's better off without him, anyway.

2:47 PM  
Anonymous Bluechip said...

Obviously you have never been a parent, or a child for that matter. You see, some parents actually love their children even if they don't agree with everything the child does. I don't think this is a new concept .

I'm no big fan of Dick Cheney, but I don't believe he introduces his daughter as a 'Lesbian'. I think his public acknowledgement of love for his daughter is a credit to the man.

There are sooooo many other reasons one can criticize about Cheney. This is not one of them

1:31 PM  
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