Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I'VE FOUND THE W.M.D'S! (give me the Million dollars)

Read this article from Rolling Stone and Salon.com. It's more terrifying than any old zombie pic...


Hey, I Don't Just Follow Politics

From the potential end of the world, to the end of television as we know it...no, just kidding. I have a confession to make. I am a big fan of America's Next Top Model. I know that it is pure cheese that is rotting my brain (perhaps constipating it, as cheese is prone to do), but God help me, I love it so. This post won't make much sense to anyone who doesn't watch the show, but I am shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you that Shandi didn't win it! Shandi, the tall, geeky, blonde from Missouri with the winning smile and the cheating ways, seemed to win or finish no worse than second in almost every single challenge, only to lose out in the end to both Yoanna and Mercedes.

Both Yoanna and Mercedes are beautiful, Mercedes especially so, but in the end the judges chose "Audrey Hepburn" over "pretty mall chick"; conniving and driven over sweet and sassy. Given the bitchiness and almost surreal self-centeredness of the fashion industry, that's probably a wise choice, but not one that left this viewer happy.

Until the madness starts all over again with ANTM 3!

A Bad Case of the Munchies

These aren't jokes, just actual stories pulled off the newswire (or the Internet):

--A 96-year old grandmother in North Carolina was arrested last week for possession of crack cocaine and crack paraphernalia that was found in (wait for it) her wheelchair. The grandmother claims to have no knowledge of how the crack got there, but prosecutors, in their zeal to "win the war on drugs" are considering going through with an arraignment since she apparently had enough product to potentially sell. Perhaps this is the alternative the GOP had in mind when they rammed through their prescription drug care package for seniors.
--A ten-year old boy in (I'm sorry, I can't remember the city) was being investigated for sprinkling marijuana on his lasagna at school. Apparently, the boy brought a bag of marijuana in from home and told some of his classmates that it was "oregano". Yeah, I've used that line too. I think the kid's pretty smart. If you use marijuana, you're already hungry so why not sprinkle it on your food? Of course, the parents are being investigated too (and rightfully so), since most people don't have a bag of pot lying around in their house where their kids can get a hold of it. Makes you wonder if Dad accidentally packed a PBJ in his lunchbox for that "business meeting" in the park...

Fun Fact of the Week

Doctors with the World Health Organization estimate that 20 million people have died during the AIDS epidemic, which began in the early to mid-80's. The vast majority of these deaths have occurred in Africa and the majority are straight females. American pharmaceutical companies, which manufacture most of the drugs used to treat HIV and AIDS, continue to refuse to provide these potentially life-saving drugs at a cost that will allow African governments and medical authorities to purchase them.

In South Africa, it is still not uncommon for men to torture and murder prostitutes who are diagnosed with either HIV or AIDS.