Tuesday, June 07, 2005


It's been way too long folks since us dissenters vented our opinions in this space, but nothing can get us riled up more than the thought of Rep. Katherine Harris (R) announcing a 2006 Senate run. You remember Harris right? The big-eyed, bald faced liar who did a lot of the right wing's dirty work during the infamous 2000 Florida recount? Now she and her GOP handlers--who consider her to be a hero for helping to steal the election from Al Gore--are launching what promises to be one of the most polarizing and expensive Senate campaigns in America. The mere prospect of Harris in the Senate is enough to make my stomach do somersaults. It's already tragic enough that she's in Congress!

Here's what we have to do: no matter what part of the country you live in, we should all find a few bucks to send to the campaign of incumbent Democratic senator Bill Nelson. Nelson may not have the most progressive agenda in the Senate, but at least he hasn't actively conspired with a sitting governor to disenfranchise voters and manuver a pretender into the White House. If Harris can get elected to the Senate, then there's nothing the Right Reich won't be able to do. Frankly, it's amazing that the Democrats and a few moderate Republicans (a dying breed) were able to stave off the "nuclear option" in the Senate a couple of weeks ago.

Where does it end America? The news media sleeps on the Downing Street memo which leaks the Bush Administration's early machinations to manipulate America into war and proves that a lot of the intelligence was faked. Democrats bend over backward to slam party chairman Howard Dean for forcefully expressing a few basic truths about the Republicans currently in charge--why not let Dean be Dean and present a unified front to try and fight the steady erosion of our civil liberties and the sabotage of our economy?

I guess it will be up to dissent channel and it's faithful readers (!) to keep exposing the truth and fighting the fight!