Thursday, September 08, 2005


Michael Brown Should Be Fired

For an excellent summation of the problems inherent in FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) that has so gravely bungled the rescue and protection efforts in Katrina's aftermath, check out this editorial from Salon. Also check out the bio on FEMA director Michael Brown, and note how it conveniently omits the part about how he was a roommate of one of Bush's campaign directors and was fired from his previous job in charge of the Arabian Horse Federation (he has no real experience in emergency management, just like the number two and three men at FEMA).

You want to know how "compassionate Conservatism" really works? Its Condoleeza Rice saying during the height of the tragedy that "Jesus Christ will come" while the Federal government withholds resources and personnel that could have been saving people at the New Orleans convention center and Superdome. Its President Bush saying, "What went wrong?" when House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi confronted him last week about the mismanagement of the crisis and suggested that he fire his old pal Brown.

Death by Cronyism. It's slow, painful but brutally efficient at killing off poor black and brown people. Who needs terrorists and "evildoers" when the real murderers sit in the White House?

(For more information about the lies and exaggerations contained in Brown's bio and resume, check out Time Magazine online which picked up this story late Thursday and has done a good job exposing the rot at the core of this crucial government agency).

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