Sunday, February 08, 2004


Bush W. Bush here...

This is my first posting on dissent channel, so I'll cut right to the point, because as they like to say in Wisconsin, "the cheese is binding."

There's an email going around that makes the case for why Resident Bush must be voted out office this year in much clearer terms than I'm probably about to. But just so we don't miss some of the highlights, let's look at Bush's stellar three years in office so that we may better understand why those who don't support his administration seem to hate it so much:

--This administration has taken one of the largest surpluses in our nation's history and turned it into the largest deficit. In just three years. And these are supposedly Republicans. You know, the people that liked to say they were for smaller government and spending tax dollars more wisely for the benefit of the American people? Who would have thought that we'd be pining for those supposedly "big spending Democrats" to restore sanity to our Federal budget.

--We have lost over 500 troops in battle in Iraq, a nation that has not yet secured it's true independence, where the search for weapons of mass destruction (the alleged reason for the war in the first place) are nowhere to be found. And there are more terrorists in Iraq now, then when we invaded.

--The USA PATRIOT act, which both parties should take a lot of responsibility for, is the greatest impingement of civil liberties this nation has enacted since World War II. (You may recall that racial discrimination in the pre Civil Rights-era South was a "state's rights" issue. The Federal Government may have been turning a blind eye to civil rights abuses while literally and figuratively whistling Dixie, but the Federal government of that era did not actively put in to place legislation that allowed it's citizens to be spied on, investigated without cause or potentially jailed without the right of an attorney under the pretext of "terrorism" or anything else.)

--The President has pledged to send people to Mars (even though millions of Americans have lost their jobs) and to protect the "sanctity" of marriage by promoting either a Federal law or a constitutional amendment to outlaw gay marriages.

--This administration has overseen the largest increase in military spending in 20 years, while slashing veteran's benefits.

--Despite the PATRIOT Act, the creation of the Homeland Security department and ongoing large scale military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, Osama bin Laden remains at large, many of his al-Qaeda operatives who the government was well aware of were allowed to return to Saudi Arabia without questioning and the war in Iraq goes on, large scale fighting replaced by Mogadishu-style street, guerilla fighting. Saddam Hussein is captured, yet we are on the hook in Iraq for hundreds of billions of dollars over the next several years.

Of course, on the positive side for Bush, he is seen as more "moral" by a majority of voters than his predecessor, although that just goes to show that lying and selling out taxpayer money to your cronies is much more acceptable to a lot of people than cheating on your wife with an intern in the Oval Office. Bush had better keep his breasts covered in the coming nine months, or whatever popularity he has left will almost surely shrivel up overnight.