Thursday, March 31, 2005

What in the F*cking F*ck??

A right-wing warmonger with a proven track record of utter ineptitude and rampaging destruction with no development experience and no training as an economist is going to head one of the world's most important development organizations???

Ech, what do economists know about poverty and stuff anyway?
Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize winner and a former World Bank chief economist, said: "Choosing the right general in the war against poverty will not assure victory, but choosing the wrong one surely increases the chances of failure."
Well, I'm sure there weren't that many big names criticizing Wolfotwitz's appointment.
Greenpeace, ActionAid, and Oxfam were among other critics.
Well, okay, yeah, but somebody thinks Wolfotwitz can do a decent job, right?
But World Bank critic Allan Meltzer, who chaired a US congressional committee on the bank in 2000, said Mr Wolfowitz was well qualified for the job.

"We don't need a development person, there are plenty of people at the bank who do that," Mr Meltzer told the BBC News website.

"What the bank needs is focus: how many children are inoculated against measles every year? What have we done to bring water to the villages?"
Oh, I see. The person who thinks Comby McSpitshine™ is "qualified" for the job is a critic of the World Bank in the first place. Uh hunh. Riiight. And this bright bulb thinks that there are pleeeeeenty of development people to go around [Pshaw, who needs 'em? Like, whatever, it's just a development organization, what could be so hard?], and Wolfotwitz is there to bring focus.

Hahahhaahhahahhahaahahah! Focus!! Focus like he brought to the Iraq War? Hahaha ... ha ... heh ... erm ... sob.
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