Tuesday, March 22, 2005

What Happened to Real Republicans?

A damn fine question, really. L.A. Heberlein takes it up in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

To wit:
When I was a Teenage Republican, all Republicans knew the 10th Amendment by heart and Republicans resisted the increasing power of the central government. Now Republicans leap over one another to make the federal government ever more powerful. It is Republicans at the federal level who now want to tell states whether they can allow medical marijuana or assisted suicide, or even who can have a driver's license. They want to tell the states who can get married. Imagine a Republican of my youth thinking the federal government should dictate policy to local school boards.

When I was a boy, Republicans cherished personal liberty. Creating secret no-fly lists and spy-on-your-neighbor programs, turning medical records over to police, holding people without trial in hidden military compounds, saying it's legal to torture them -- that's how we thought only Communists would behave.

So what does "Republican" mean now? Hysterical moralist? Meddler in deeply held personal affairs? Dictator of religious instruction (not plural)? Anti-science heretic? Deficit maker? War lover?

Will the real Republicans please stand up?

(via Scaramouche)
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Power corrupted many and those it couldn't corrupt where thrown out labeled as corrupt, by those in power.

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