Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Reverse Frank Luntz

The Center for American Progress has read Frank Luntz's 160-page playbook (so you don't have to). They cut through the crap and left you with this one-pager, you lucky duckies.

Par example, on the Economy:
• Talk about the economy using “facts and figures.”

• Talk about the overall size of Bush’s proposed tax cut.

• Describe how repealing the estate tax protects America’s wealthiest families.

• Talk about the economy without bringing up 9/11.

• Recall how Bill Clinton produced balanced budgets in the late 1990s.

I love the idea that talking about "facts and figures" is the best method of being the opposite of a conservative strategist. Ha.

Now, get out there and put 'em to use! Save some poor Republicans from voting for this misguided crap. When they're able to go to a doctor, exercise their civil liberties, benefit from job security and protection, breathe clean air, put their children through school, attain retirement security, and enjoy our beautiful national parks, they'll thank you.