Sunday, March 06, 2005

2005 National Conference for Media Reform -- Be There!

Looks like we're going to have to head to St. Louis for the National Conference for Media Reform. Roooooad trip!

The conference is sponsored by Free Press, "a national nonpartisan organization working to increase informed public participation in crucial media policy debates, and to generate policies that will produce a more competitive and public interest-oriented media system with a strong nonprofit and noncommercial sector." Sounds good so far.

Conference organizers seem to have covered most topics of concern:
Panels and workshops at the conference will cover topics including:

* Media policy 101
* Media reform activism 101
* Case studies in local organizing
* What we have won -- how past media activism has made a difference
* International perspectives on media policy solutions
* News, information and corporate media
* Media ownership
* The Telecom Act of 2005
* Policies for advancing independent media
* Media literacy for media reform
* Media justice
* Localism and diversity in radio
* Public broadcasting
* Cultural diversity and free trade
* Media accountability: policy and activism
* Broadening access to the Internet
* Media policy & racial justice
* Labor & Media reform
* Advertising and commercialism
* Copyright & intellectual property
* Globalizing the media reform movement
* Fundraising for media reform
* Organizing around cable franchise renewals
* Challenging broadcast license renewals
* Media monitoring & accountability
* Citizen pressure and media policy

I'd be curious to sit in on the "International Perspectives on Media Policy Solutions" panel. And lord knows we need a "Media Accountability: Policy and Activism" panel, not to mention getting familiar with the Telecom Act of 2005. Though, I hate to nitpick, but where is the "F*ck You, Gr*ver N*rquist, Eat Our Media Revolution Dust" panel?