Tuesday, February 01, 2005

There Is No Crisis

It occurs to me that since THERE IS NO CRISIS, I'm wondering if the Right-wing Media has it in them to credit the Dems for saving Social Security when and if the Dems are able to save it from the full frontal assault of the vipers in the B*sh madministration?

Just a thought.

That said, why not have a party and watch the SOTU with 100 of your closest friends? You can chat about how THERE IS NO CRISIS and strategize to elect more Dems next year and raise a little money to boot. And bonus! Conference call with Atrios's Duncan Black at 11 p.m. following the torturous, lie-filled dreck from C+ Augustus.

No. Really. THERE IS NO CRISIS. The Congressionla Budget Office doesn't think so.

Hmm. Seems dumbyass doesn't think so either. To (t)wit:
B*sh, who plans to make Social Security the centerpiece of tomorrow's State of the Union address, has privately told GOP lawmakers and aides that he would support phasing in changes to the system to keep deficits under control over the next several years and push individuals who opt for private accounts into more conservative investments, such as bonds, as they near retirement to mitigate long-term risks, the sources said.

First of all, let's not pretend that dumbyass told anybody anything about anything. Obviously that asshat was trying to reset his Tetris game at the time of the meeting. That said, did I read that he is proposing that individuals who opt for private accounts then put their money into bonds to mitigate long-term risks ????????? Let me get this straight:
1. Put money into Bonds
2. To mitigate long-term risks

Um, is it just me, or ISN'T THAT SOCIAL SECURITY?!?!?! Do we not now keep our money in Treasury Bonds? So that we can mitigate long-term risks to seniors who may have nothing else to live on? Funny, dumbyass (well, Ch*n*y) just wants to skip that important middle step, the intervening 40 years of paying in, and, instead, collapse 40 years of giving in to a few years of looting the joint. SICK. SICK. SICK. Who here would like to give grandma's life savings to the hucksters at Enron? Or maybe we should just give 30% of her limited money away to some money manager middle person? Why not re-bureaucratize the whole dodgam thing??

Oh, wait, I forgot. THERE IS NO CRISIS.