Sunday, February 20, 2005

NC: The Democratic Revolution Continues

Alright, friends. Y'all think it's all NASCAR*, waving flags, and yellow ribbons in our red state, eh? Well, there's been some serious progressive activity around here of late, including the election of Jerry Meek, the "grassroots candidate", as NC Dem State Party Chairman.

What's the big deal, you ask? Well, he beat John Kerry's campaign director Ed Turlington, howzat? Just a little name recognition there, not to mention that every single establishment Dem in NC supported Turlington over Meek. But every once in a while, the will of the people is done. I'm just sayin' that if little ol' redneck-ass NC can do it, y'all in the purple states sure as hell can.

Does anyone else see this coming on the heels of Dean's election to chair of the DNC as significant? Do you see these as isolated? I'd like to think not. Even Bill Clinton, who was, in effect, a palatable Republican, said at Terry MacAuliffe's send off that being Repugnican-lite ain't going to get us hogswaddle. I feckin' agree. Take yer Repugnican-lite and stick it where the sun don't shine. Bring it on, Dean and Meek! Let progressives drive this bus for a little while and see what she can do. I'm thinking 0 to hero in 60 seconds.

*Jeff Gordon won, and I'll thank you to tuck that sneer in.
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