Sunday, January 09, 2005

Well, Thank You.

Bravo, Ward Sutton. You actually brought a pained twist to my mouth (what used to pass for a smile before The B*sh Madministration Turned the World Upside-Down). Because I cannot figure out how to copy the whole dang thing for y'all, here is a tasty morsel to whet your appetites. Check out the whole kit-n-caboodle here.

I'm reminded of a conversation I had recently with a smartypants and much-clued-in work pal, upon reading an article which could not hope to declare definitively IF a Dem senator would stand with Rep. John Conyers in challenging the Ohio electoral vote. Our conversation went a little like this (if memory serves):

Me: WTF is with the idiot Dems?!?!? I hate them! I hate them! I hate them!
Pal: Hmm. They have a strategy, perhaps.
Me: Whaaatt?? Not bloody likely. What strategy??
Pal: They don't want to draw attention to their maneuvers, so they're being coy about their response.
Me: Coy?!?!?! I hate them. Why can't they boldly assert their right to challenge? Why do we always have to come from a defensive position? I know we're under attack, but why can't we strongly counter-attack instead of mewling our dissatisfaction like kicked puppies? (Mewling...puppies...I know, I know.)
Pal: Um, the VRWC controls the discourse and until such time as we can have a fair say, we're going to have to play it safe and not make any public mistakes.
Me: I can't stand it.

And then we went on for a little longer, and I finally understood. But I don't agree. We have to put an immediate end to the "Please Kick Me" bullshit and come out swinging on all counts. This idiot country apparently likes the "punitive father" theory of gubmint. I find that abhorrent, but I am sick of losing, because these people intend to do damage to our country. They care not for humane acts, for the progressive arc of history, for moving forward the entire human experiment. I'm ready for the Dems to strongly assert their right (our right) to equal consideration. Is that too much to ask? Shit.

I'll be happy when the day comes when I am no longer furious. I'd like a rest, and the news hiatus, though it's slowing down my rants here, isn't doing much else to calm me. I can still feel the sting of their nefarious efforts in the charged air.
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Blogger Pricey said...

I'm glad you are part of the anti-Bush brigade! Its a shame the majority of Americans aren't also members...

Check out my blog if you feel so inclined... its called Blogdownunder (for an Australian perspective!)

8:40 PM  
Blogger ae said...

Hi, Taz--
Welcome to our blog! Hope you enjoyed your look-see. There are lots more where we came from in the anti-B*sh camp, but, sadly, we don't get very much press. The prevailing media establishment seems to want to mythologize B*sh's popularity, which they're hard pressed to do if they open their eyeballs.

I know the whole world is ready for this chapter in our history to be over. Let's hope we can keep the damage to a minimum for the next four years.

I look forward to checking out your blog. Thanks again for stopping by.

9:21 PM  

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