Sunday, January 02, 2005

I'm Shocked! Okay, I'm Not....

Private, Foreign Donations for Tsunami Relief Far Eclipse Bush Pledge.

Readers, imagine, if you will, your humble ae bending over at the waist, knees just slightly bent to avoid strain but strong nonetheless, and asking Colin "Sell Out" Powell to pucker up so he can kiss my fat ass for selling this War on Brown People to Cement the Control of Resources By (Rich) White People, then defending that murderous folly until he's lost every shred of credibility and dignity, and then going back to lap-dog and shoe-lick some more, and then having the unmitigated gall to have a public hissy fit over "American generosity" to victims of the tsunami by indignantly (ignorantly) bragging that Americans give more money to global aid than any other country in the world. Math much? Three card monte hucksters have more integrity. This man has no shame, and he is a pig* for standing in front of the naked imperial power and insisting it is fully clothed.

[*Apologies to pigs.]