Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Conservatives Push for Psychiatric Diagnosis of 'Loony Leftists'

Well, shut ma mouth. Seems that if Bill Frist has his way, all us loonies scrambling to educate our kids and to eat clean food and have access to affordable medical care and live peaceably with other nations will be declared certifiable. Eeek! This has to be the final nail in the coffin of "Who're you gonna believe? Me, or your lyin' eyes?"

See The Swift Report for a quick rundown of all problems being rooted in Librul America. Who knew? And check out the nifty checklist questionnaire in the article. I am clearly suffering from an extreme and advanced case of "political paranoia." I would go to the doctor, but my health care costs are too high, and gas costs too much to get there, and I don't have any time anyway, because I have to work three jobs to pay my mortgage. But, see, I'm paranoid. These troubles are not the direct consequence of reprehensible public policy; it's just me.