Tuesday, November 30, 2004

World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day - 1 December 2004. Official info here.

Learn why HIV/AIDS is a human rights issue, and what it means to take a human rights-based approach to fighting the epidemic. Read AI's new report, "Women, HIV/AIDS and Human Rights."

AIDS has a woman's face, echoes Ms. Magazine. Cold, hard facts available for all to see. This is devastating to say the least.

Buy this book. All proceeds from this anthology will go to the Treatment Action Campaign, a non-profit organization whose funds are used entirely for the treatment and support of people suffering from HIV and AIDS. The collection features Woody Allen, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Arthur Miller, Paul Theroux and John Updike.

Light a virtual candle here.

Write to C+ Augustus to tell him that he must lift US restrictions on health care services worldwide. His policies are based on lies.