Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Putting the 'Mental' in Fundamental

I leave North Carolina for a week and the idiots go barmy. So a local Christian school wants to teach a "pro-Southern" view of slavery which holds that slavery "was a relationship based upon mutual affection and confidence"?? PARDON??

What part of bought-and-sold-like-chattel-with-less-rights-than-a-stray-dog do these people not understand? Mutual affection? That is repugnant.

And slaves led "a life of plenty, of simple pleasures"??? I'M SORRY, WHAT???

Two words for you astonishingly ignorant, racist, neo-Confederate, fundamentalist hayseeds: Middle. Passage. Kidnap, torture, physical and emotional duress, no rights under law. Yes, I'm sure that it was a life of "simple pleasures" being torn from one's home and culture to travel 3,000 miles in the bowels of a festering slave ship -- if you weren't one of the 5 million who died en route, that is -- to be sold like a commodity and then abused for the next 400 years by an entire society predicated on usurping your humanity and hard labor to perpetuate its class and economic dominance. George Bush, these are your people, you unforgivable f, and that the Repugnican Party continues to pander to this element is their eternal shame.

What is wrong with these people? It should be illegal to do this to one's children. It should be illegal to be this f*cking stupid. Are we living in an anarchic state? Are there no educational standards which apply to religious schools? Can any messianic moron teach any garbage they want to children using this especial right-wing brand of false equivalency? Should we get a "pro-German" accounting of the Holocaust? Shall we hear Pinochet's side of the story, cos of all that undue (librul commie) emphasis on the Disappeared? [Ed. note: I am all for teaching these points of view if framed under "justifications for heinous crimes," say. Propaganda can be instructive, of course, if understood as propaganda.]

And I suppose these were the Glamour Shots of the day?

And, what, pray tell, can be the use of this place in an ahistorical world?

And how perfectly tragic that just 30 miles down the road from this "school" is the home of the DEFINITIVE resource on slave narratives. Imagine: instead of "learning" from some poorly sourced, poorly disguised racist proselytizing, one could read actual accounts written in the first person by people with direct knowledge of the slave system, not to mention talk with experts who have actually bothered to read a book or two.

It is worth pointing out here to those whose heads are still ringing with the mind-numbing stupidity of this "Christian" "educational" "curriculum," that the operative term is slave. That's right, kiddies, slave. S-l-a-v-e, not pal, not employee. Slave, like I own you, like I can kill you, rape you, deprive you of all you need to be human, because I own you. No, I'll say it again for the thick-headed: slave. Tell me again the lullaby about the Happy Negro, daddy.

Holy God. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go wash my soul out with soap.
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Blogger Dominic. said...

Is there a law in the States protecting ethnic groups from hate crimes and etc? Supporting slavery sounds very akin to hate crime.

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