Monday, December 13, 2004

Media Whores, This Means You

Oh, we're good and screwed now. Bill Moyers Retiring From TV Journalism.

From the article:
"I'm going out telling the story that I think is the biggest story of our time: how the right-wing media has become a partisan propaganda arm of the Republican National Committee," says Moyers. "We have an ideological press that's interested in the election of Republicans, and a mainstream press that's interested in the bottom line. Therefore, we don't have a vigilant, independent press whose interest is the American people."

Gosh, Bill, you sure sound shrill. God bless you. How come there arent' more like you?
"You don't get rewarded in commercial broadcasting for trying to tell the truth about the institutions of power in this country," he goes on. "I think my peers in commercial television are talented and devoted journalists, but they've chosen to work in a corporate mainstream that trims their talent to fit the corporate nature of American life. And you do not get rewarded for telling the hard truths about America in a profit-seeking environment."

Oh. Right. Yeah, there is that. What are we going to do?
"We have got to nurture the spirit of independent journalism in this country," he warns in reply, "or we'll not save capitalism from its own excesses, and we'll not save democracy from its own inertia."

Kill me now, please. One week in Canada just wasn't enough.

[On the Canada tip, a frolicking rollicking good time was had by all, bless those lovely, polite Canucks. And the quality of the newspaper writing! You wouldn't believe it if I told you, friends. None of that patronizing "for a precocious 12-year-old" bullshit like the Times likes to insist on. We're talking facts, coherence, narrative flow. It brings tears to one's eyes, it does.]
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Blogger R. said...

God bless Canada, how did they wind up with most of the common sense? I'm glad you finally got to see Vancouver and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Your fiery blogs were missed, but I hope you had a good time!

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