Saturday, November 06, 2004

Wisconsin Schools Allow Creationism Theory

I do really need to get a response more active than "Thud," but sometimes living in Murka is just too much. Thud.

Okay, below when I was joking about marrying a Canuck and going north to live in a librul-haven where civil rights are protected and science is valued, I take it back. I'm not joking. I mean, WTF is this:
School board members believed that a state law governing the teaching of evolution was too restrictive. The science curriculum "should not be totally inclusive of just one scientific theory," said Joni Burgin, superintendent of the district of 1,000 students in northwest Wisconsin.

Last month, when the board examined its science curriculum, language was added calling for "various models/theories" of origin to be incorporated.

First, what is "inclusive of one"? Second, isn't the operative term here scientific theory? So Adam and Eve are science now? Seven whole days to make the world and everything in it is science now? Take that, Big Bang. I got yer evolution right here, Darwin. Choke on this, Einstein.

While we're inviting multiple "scientific" theories of origin to the educational curriculum table, I'd like to propose a few more tasty morsels:

Chinese, Lakota, Babylonian, Aboriginal, Aztec, Norse, Korean & Japanese, Hindu, Navajo, And so on...

Listen, there are plenty of crackpots out there saying the Bible's right and science is wrong, but are we going to give them all chapters?

Dear God, save us from your followers.