Monday, November 08, 2004

So the Dems Want to Know What We Think, Hunh?

Quoth that innocent Terry McAuliffe:

Tell us your thoughts.

We plan to use your feedback to help develop our strategy in 2005. As always, you will continue to play a critical role in the future of the Democratic Party. What we created together will be the backbone for Democratic victories in the future.

And so our dear pal Jeff did. [WARNING: Gloriously explicit content.]
Please forgive the foul language.

What the dems can do: STOP BEING PUSSIES! Stand up and say "The coke-snorting alcoholic lying bastard needs to be kicked out on his ass. He and his asshole-buddy Cheney also need to stop being fucking hypocrites and say 'We are out to fuck you over as much as possible, and we expect you to be grateful for the fucking.' "

Furthermore, the dems need to say "How dare this wiener propose an amendment banning gay marriage when the vice-president's daughter is a big ol' in your face dyke! Hypocrites! Lying bastards! Jackasses!"

ALSO the dems need to say "The Nazis took over Germany in the 1920s and 30s because the average German citizens sat on their collective ass and said 'Oh, ziz will never happen here.' But it did fucking happen there, and it is so close to happening here, and we will not sit still, you fucks, while our freedoms are used to wipe Karl "Goebbels to his buddies" Rove's lily-white dog-sodomizing rat-buggering ass!

Also, the dems need to say "We are sick of having an illiterate dickhead pass 'education' legislation, because the irony is just too fucking much, and we are getting indigestion from having to swallow Bush's ignorant jizz every fucking day, and furthermore, you cockwads, liberal is not a bad word, Jefferson was a liberal, and Thomas Paine, and Ben Franklin, and if those folks were alive today, they'd be wire-tapped and harangued and browbeaten until they stood up and screamed GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH, and the right wing assholes would shoot them, thus granting their wish!"

DEMS, this is fucking America, not Amerikkka, and being conciliatory to these bastards is slowly getting you disenfranchised to the point of non-citizenship, so if you don't stand up and scream and shout and rant about the bullshit that is going on, goddamn you, you deserve what you get.

Last thing the dems can do: Smack the shit out of anyone who says "Well, he is our president and deserves our support." Smack the shit out of anyone that says "Well, we need to work across party lines." Shoot anyone who says "He got us into this mess, so he needs to be the one to get us out." (A real quote from a person who said he is opposed to the war in Iraq, BTW). Bludgeon to death anyone who says "Support president bush and our troops." (How about "Support our troops by getting them the fuck out of there, chumley?)

Hoo-boy. Rant over. Carry on.

Just a quick PS--the other night I was so pissy I stooped to vandalism, and ripped a magnetic BUSH/CHENEY sticker off a car and ripped it to little confettis and threw it on the ground. Grrrrrrr!