Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Shorter DeLay: GFY! Crime Pays Edition

GOP Pushes Rule Change to Protect DeLay's Post

Can Tom DeLay possibly be more of a fucking asshole scoundrel? [split-second pause] No.

I mean, really. They don't even try to pretend that they are not doing everything they can to lie, cheat, and steal. This is astonishing, but then, it isn't. Is anyone surprised? If DeLay can orchestrate the utterly corrupt redistricting in Texas, he can certainly rout an institution as puny as the United States Senate. Bien sur, ma cherie. What did we think -- that the Dems were going to have a say in the matter? Oh, dear.

But the language is delicious:
Some aides said it was conceivable that DeLay and Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) ultimately could decide the move would be politically damaging and ask their caucus not to do it. But Rep. Jack Kingston (Ga.), another member of the GOP leadership, said he did not think Hastert and DeLay would intervene.

It was "conceivable" that DeLay and Hastert could decide not to have their caucus approve this rule change? Hahaha! "Conceivable." That's rich.

TRANSLATION: It's conceivable in that it remains inside the realm of all possibility such that one could imagine it potentially coming to pass if one were, say, incredibly inventive and adept at holding many conflicting and fantastical notions in one's mind simultaneously, such that seemingly incongruous and counterintuitive assumptions that challenge one's expectations of a just universe could be swept up in one's cheery (if not eery) disregard for all evidence to the contrary staring you right in your lying eyeballs. Then it would be conceivable that DeLay and Hastert could decide not to have their caucus approve the rule change allowing soon-to-be indicted felon Tom DeLay to retain his leadership post.

Thud. But there is this:
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said last night: "If they make this rules change, Republicans will confirm yet again that they simply do not care if their leaders are ethical. If Republicans believe that an indicted member should be allowed to hold a top leadership position in the House of Representatives, their arrogance is astonishing."

Hear! Hear!

[*Go f-ck yourself. -- Vice President D-ck Ch-ney]
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Blogger Dominic. said...

Is the redistricting of electoral boundaries required to be bipartisan in the United State?. It doesn't seem right nor fair for one party to redraw the boundaries to suit themselves (mind you they are the repubs).

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