Friday, November 05, 2004

Red States = Former Slave States

Well, goodness. Who'd a thunk it, hunh, what with all this talk of "values"? I mean, it's not like proponents of slavery (gosh, were they Evangelicals, too?) defended a morally corrupt system by asserting God's approval or anything. One surely would not be blessed with success if it were not ordained by God, heavens no! And we do not need your pesky intrusions into God's will with your fancy facts and latte-sippin', New York Times-readin' lack of "values," blue staters. We'll keep the hate going and you heathens go back to consorting with the Devil or whatever it is you do in your libraries and your organic co-ops while you plot against school prayer and promote man-on-box turtleism. Our preznit (our slavery) was ordained by God and there's nothing you puny humans can do about it.


Do these voters--the activist evangelicals--feel love for us libruls (their neighbors)? Can they find it in their sinning hearts to look kindly upon us as brethren and sistren and dogren and catren, no matter how much latte we sip or Volvo we drive? Are we still Americans to them? Are we the enemy, such that they have to legislate against us? Are we criminals? Does God not love us? Are we irredeemable? What grievous wrong have we committed against them? Can they not worship as they please? Can they not teach and raise their children as they please? Are they not as free as the rest of us to choose their work and play? Who swooped in and told Mr. and Mrs. Matching Sweaters that they will have to divorce now to make room for the homos? Since when is "The Left" telling the God-fearing voting bloc what to do? Don't like abortion? Then get your ass volunteering with kids and supporting sex education and increased access to birth control. Don't support gay marriage? Then don't attend the ceremony of your favorite co-worker. (You know, the one with impeccable manners who always remembers your birthday and compliments you on your new haircut.) He'll understand, and you won't be missed. Want prayer in schools? Close your eyes, shut your mouth, and do it. You don't need a f*cking invitation.

I seem to recall famously conflicted and resolute (hmm) 4th-century Christian advocate St. Augustine saying, "In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organized robbery?" Well, I put that to you, red staters. Will your sovereignty be humble, God-like, or will it be robbery of our fellowship, such that only some have the rights of citizenship? What is justice to you? What is God's love? And, more importantly, why do you want to place limits on God's love? How do you pretend to know what God is capable of?

When will the right-wingers admit that their problem is with the excesses of capitalism and not with the excesses of a mythical Other? Sex and violence freak you out? Well, sorry. Capitalism loves boobies and gore, folks. It doesn't make me happy, but it's true. Whatever the majority of people want to consume, capitalism will give them. So don't take it out on a librul, Media Resource Center assholes; take it out on your benighted free market system. Shall I expect now that the bible thumpers will hold forth w/ a new screed about the failures of a capitalist state to satisfy the soul's hunger?

[crickets chirping]

UPDATE: I'm thinking about the above, and it's obvious that I'm still smarting from the "election," if it was an election, yo. I am especially angry with the anti-gay element, because my friend is so sad that he's in hiding, physically and emotionally, and it's breaking my heart. I haven't seen him in days, and I can't find any way to make him feel better that 80% of some of these jerks in some states voted against his Constitution-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Sickening, but I take heart in the answers that did not get as much press. Evidently (as my Southern compatriots never tire of saying in summing up), as much as 60% of these same folks support civil unions (among other Dem- or left-leaning policies). So I'm going to stop crying and take heart. Somewhere deep down, I knew that the American People were sensible. Generally, I just don't believe that there are more of "them" than there are of "us." Only about 30-40% of the populace are Evangelicals, and not all of them are conservative. So, what does that say about the turnout for dumbyass? It means that people act on their fears, and that Prick and dumbyass were successful in making people feel afraid, very afraid. Lots of what I would like to believe are good, sincere people of all faiths voted against the environment, workers' protections, the solvency of our Social Security, and our stature and reputation in the world, because they felt they could not take a chance on the terrsts blowing up a Buick dealership in Topeka. It will be an especially bad day for them when they find out how they've been lied to by these cynical peddlers in treason. Buyer's remorse wont' even begin to cover it, and, the only solace I can take right now is to think that this will be the end of any pro-Repugnican fervor for some time to come.