Friday, November 05, 2004

Marry An American

No, friends, I'm not saying that now that "the people have spoken" that we should all fall in line like good heteros and get hitched. I don't hold marriage in any regard, and certainly not as the hallowed mythical union of our faith-based red staters. Many ways for us to form unions otherwise, I say. I can't breed in captivity, I also say (with thanks to Gloria Steinem). For now, we can put that aside! Our neighbors to the north have hit upon a brilliant idea, and don't think I haven't yearned for just this reality, being willing, in the face of the known horror of the B*shies, to put aside my prejudice against this outdated vestige of a patriarchal social economy and partake with full compliance and open arms and say "I do" in front of God, country, the church, and some nice strangers willing to sign the documents of my concession to "traditional values." And if I can do that, I know you can.

So come one, come all! Let's support our Canuck friends by letting them Marry An American!