Monday, November 08, 2004

Maps and Cartograms of 2004 Election Results

No matter how much we enjoy giggling at (or crying about) Jesusland, these maps tell a more complete story.

Why is the Mainstream Steno Pool pushing this Red State moral values crap? They just lurve to put that big ol' Red State/Blue State US map up on the screen, letting it hover threateningly in the background while all us lefties shudder to think that the heartland's been taken over by faith-based pod people. That huuuuuge swath of red stretching over the whole country, don't let it worry you. According to our friends at the U. of Michigan, it's just out of proportion, like the old Mercator map that shows Europe roughly equal in size to Africa and S. America.

Why does this moral values story have legs? Even frickin' He-Whose-Name-Shall-Not-Be-Uttered said yesterday that voters cast ballots with an eye turned toward Iraq & the War on Terra and the economy, with "moral values" coming in at third. Now, don't think this doesn't make me pause double-triple-time, because anytime HWNSNBU speaks, one must first and foremost not look directly at him lest one crumble immediately to dust, but secondly, it is imperative that one parse every syllable for the coded message. (What could he possibly mean by "and," I beseech you??) I'm not sure what he was getting at by putting moral values third, but I'm sure it will worry me tomorrow. Tonight, while I'm still bleary from election-related psychic flu, I'll take HWNSNBU's comments and these maps to mean that we're not overrun by Red State moralizers, which suits me just fine.

Check it out. It'll make you feel less alone. There's so much purple going on there that you'll be compelled to break out your Prince records.

Rorschach Test, anyone?