Saturday, November 27, 2004

Launch the Tomatoes! Wimblehack Declares a Winner!

Ah, but Wimblehack has reached its inevitable sad conclusion. Go here to read why the "winner" has excelled above all others for the title of Worst Campaign Journalist 2004.

Dear readers, your humble ae notes with blushing cheek that Ms. Bumiller was, indeed, predicted to be in the Final Four by this very blog at this very post. I will admit though that I was sure that the top prize would go to none other than Kit "Katherine Q." Seelye, with an honorary kick in the pants for Adam Nagourney. I see that Howard Fineman has come in second only because he failed to deliver a post-election mortem. (Shocking! What other excuse to pontificate noisily to no end, Howard's forte?? Howie's clearly slipping.)

In a world where dignity, intelligence, serious-mindedness, and professional integrity were the norm, Elizabeth Bumiller would hide her face (and her fatuous prose) in shame. You would think the Grey Lady would have some reservations about splashing Ms. Bumiller's fanciful and highly irrelevant "observations" across the front page of The Paper of Record. Feh.