Sunday, October 31, 2004

Is There a Doctor(er) in the House?

Ooh, this story just gives me happy little goose bumps of Pending John Kerry Victory (PJKV)™ joy.

For those still wondering (I'm looking at you, Jodi Wilgoren) if the B*sh Administration has jumped the shark yet, ya damn skippy they have. Not that it is in the least surprising, but yesterday brings this headline: Bush TV ad pulled over doctored crowd scene.

Loyalty oaths were getting just too dang difficult, and it's not like theirs is a campaign of/for the people anyhoo. Why not digitize the devoteds and just be done with pesky reality altogether? Heck, shoot the whole speech in front of a blue screen, why not? We've got a pretender preznit regurgitating a spoon-fed speech of empty platitudes to pretender crowds. Jump, meet Shark.

In the meantime, I give you John Kerry and some of his 13,000 reality-based friends in Manchester: