Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Sweet Jesus, I Detest Annthrax Coulter

First, why in the hangy-dang would the Gilded Hyena EVER get facetime on a supposedly credible chat show program, least of all to comment on something as important as electoral politics, including, but not limited to, the current presidential election? When did her handlers let her out of her cage? Does CNN just invite any certifiably insane person into the studio to do "analysis"? Even ol' Larry felt compelled to counter the inflammatory invective of the GOP's fave blow up doll, and it ain't like The King is a screamin' leftie.

So bitch-ass sez:

COULTER: Yes, but I keep hearing stories of this voter suppression in Florida and how, you know, blacks were denied the right to vote in Florida last time. No one's been able to produce a single case.

Oh, really?

I'm sorry, what?

Come again?

Well, the sun shines on even a dog's ass, so Annthrax was actually right in one regard: there wasn't a single case -- more like thousands, millions, and new ones everyday.