Saturday, October 16, 2004

Shorter O'Reilly: Title VII, Schmitle Schmeven

Anybody who expresses surprise about Bill O'Reilly's predatory bullying gets a poke in the eye from me. Come on! And I will admit that I am enjoying the schadenfreude -- both mine and TV analysts', who love to reveal the details with varying degrees of mock surprise and (real) disgust.

Lookie here:
According to the suit, O'Reilly threatened Mackris. He is alleged to have said: 'If you cross Fox News Channel, it's not just me, it's [Fox President] Roger Ailes who will go after you.' He claimed Ailes knew powerful people 'all the way to the top'. When Mackris asked, 'To the top of what?', O'Reilly replied: 'Top of the country.'

"Top of the country," eh? So O'Lielly reveals that Ailes has a direct pipeline to the Bushies (surprise, surprise!) en route to threatening someone in his employ with no less than retaliation by the Office of the President. Jeezus, this guy is such a damn bullying prick braggart, it's astonishing. I won't call him a pig out of respect for our porcine pals.

Help O'Lielly out by sending him a primer on the laws of the United States.