Thursday, October 28, 2004

Newspaper Endorsement Analysis: Breaking Down the Chains

Veeeery interestink. Who'd a guessed that Murdoch's papers would all have gone to B*sh? Don't let the big red lines fool you though. Those are generally for just a few papers. The real boost comes in the endorsements by circulation. We are way up, numbers-wise. I'm not sure what kind of stock folks put in their editorial pages, but Kerry's lead in endorsements can only help to further the idea of a Kerry presidency as being both legitimate and desired. The media loves to pound home the point that w. is so well-liked, so affable, whatta guy! all the while studiously ignoring the half of this country which reviles him w/ a rabid fury usually reserved for their favorite NASCAR driver's arch nemesis (realized in those ubiquitous "Calvin peeing on #(fill in the blank)" signs on trucks). And some folks are supposedly in the middle, can't or won't decide, etc., etc. I'm thinking these editorials, especially if reported as a big block going for Kerry, might sway a couple of those ninnies, seeing as how everybody loves to be on the winning team.

P.S. Check out the "flip floppers" section to see how many papers who endorsed dumbyass in 2000 have rejected him this time around. Mm hmm.