Friday, October 29, 2004

NASA photo analyst: Bush wore a device during debate

This is one of those stories that I was all ready to let go, generously willing to give even the incompetent boob-in-chief a pass. I realize that wrinkles do not often appear in the shape of a rectangle, but oh well, stranger things have happened, and I thought that with all the criminality going on, dumbyass's crib sheet was the least of our concerns and just another possible example of our taking our eyes off the ball. That said, a NASA photo analyst has said that Bush wore a device during debate. Well, who am I to argue? The pictures do not tell a pretty story for the one-termer.

Obligatory incredulous comment: I mean, this guy has Nanny Hughes feeding him his lines and he is still so atrociously unprepared and ill-informed? A glowering, stammering fool. Oy.