Tuesday, October 19, 2004

A Must Read for Those Idiots--er, Friends--Still Considering Nader

Friends, I will admit that I have had nanoseconds of doubt -- yes, whole entire nanoseconds -- about the Dems and their vision/platform/strategy/fortitude/(fill in the blank), but I do not waver long, being of steely heart and steelier mind. There is, simply put, no alternative right now. I know it seems like a desperate and feeble concession, but do not lose heart, progressive pals; the revolution is nigh. Some little birdie tells me that we are reaching (if we have not already reached) the tipping point with this so-called Repugnican Revolution, fueled as it has been in its most virulent form since 1994 by a blind and furious attack on all that is good in government (including, frighteningly, the concept in toto). They are trying to chop our great American democratic enterprise off at the knees, so they can, as Grover Norquist so eloquently put it, drown it in the bathtub. What a f*cking sicko that asshole is, but I digress.

I saw a bumper sticker today (it was thoughtprovoking, back off) that read: Kerry Sucks Less. Ha. Okay, I get it. Right. Poor us, no real choices, two rich white guys, business as usual, acka yacka fracka. Get a grip, folks. That's lazier than all get out and beneath the general analytical acumen of our side of the spectrum. This is the starkest frickin' choice in history. Lemme take you waaaaay back to '92. Remember those halcyon days? Remember thinking, "Woohoo! Finally, someone on our side!"? Funny how all that turned out. Now we know that there is less difference between Clinton and GHW B*sh than there is between Kerry and dumbyass. Think about it. Clinton spent 8 years (bless him, I miss him so) being a good moderate Republican, in effect. I'm not complaining! I see how far we've fallen, which is exactly my point. Wouldn't you wish old-oil-boy's-network GHW B*sh back over his redneck-fundamentalist-endtimes-network dim bulb son? I never thought I would say it, but I do. 2000 seems ages and ages and ages ago mostly because we've all been bowed by the utter awfulness of every day since Dim Son was appointed. (And no, I'm still not over it, dammit, why should I be? This isn't a f*cking game; it's what will determine the nature of our democracy!! Pant, pant, pant.)

Anyhoo, H. Bruce Franklin's essay, Ralph Nader and the Progressive Agenda, is about the most pure of heart and clear-eyed justification for voting for Kerry as any I have read. I actually gasped reading this. Though there are eleventy jillion and one reasons to vote against B*shCo., nothing strikes me as more important than the judiciary. Think Rehnquist and Scalia, friends, and then think that we could possibly have 4 more of them. It is not hyperbole to think that we will either live in a police state or we will live in America -- the one where there is due process, where one's physical integrity is paramount and a basic indicator of one's human rights. Don't make me pull out my "U.S. Out of My Womb" sign, y'all.

Let's just agree to agree with me, shall we? I say vote for Kerry, save the universe, and we'll give stalwart Ralph the Consumer Advocate Lifetime Achievement Award in a nice, polite, decent ceremony at the Kennedy Center in a couple of years.

(As I write this I'm thinking that there is no one who is seriously considering voting for Nader, but then those 2%-ers in all the polls do give me pause.)