Tuesday, October 05, 2004

More Lucky Duckies! or, U.S. job cuts at eight-month high in Sept.

First off, when Kerry/Edwards win in a landslide in November, will somebody please promise me that I will never again have to hear another word from shills like Nicole Devenish and all those other blond robots? Thank you. It will be a welcome quiet moment in 4 looooooong years of non-granted and wholly assumed -- hijacked, even -- mandate. They are forbidden from EVER referring to the "American People" in any sort of proprietary, finger-on-the-pulse tone again. Kindly f*ck off back to your evil overlord's lair, shills.

I do wish that Edwards had been able to get a clear word in edgewise about these new job numbers. Job cuts, meet cliff.

Nicknames for D*ck Ch*ney used tonight:

Darth Vader
Prince of Darkness
Dark Lord
Lord of the Underworld
Lord of Darkness
Dr. Evil
Mr. Evil

... and this is just what I can remember from reading Gwen Ifill's mind.