Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Mess O' Potamia, to borrow a phrase

Paul Bremmer weighs in. Apparently, we needed more troops in Iraq post-invasion. Too effin' little, too effin' late, mofo. My God, these people have no shame. How could he possibly think he had any credibility after walking around the Green Zone doing the Shrub's--or rather, Prick's--bidding like the insulated little Mayor of Preppieville? 20-year-olds were dying then, too. Shit.

I read this story, and my first thought was, Edwards needs to use this tonight to show that the 'catastrophic success' in Iraq is just that, and this is exactly the sort of thinking I detest. Everything, everything, everything this idiotic administration does is politically motivated in service of their re-election campaign, in the short term, and their chokehold on power, in the long term, and I find it repugnant. I am sorry to have even thought the above. To look at bombings in Iraq or job losses through the prism of the election is just another symptom of American exceptionalism. The Country at the Center of Everything lets pesky details like 20,000+ Iraqi deaths and 1 million displaced Sudanese and nuclear proliferation and global warming just fall away like so much static in the headphones, and it's just not right (to be eloquent about it).

And oh yeah, there's this:

New poll shows that 55% of Iraqis do not trust the authority of the police. This is a precipitous drop from three polls done over the last year in which respondents gave the police approval ratings of 80, 74, and 76 percent.