Friday, October 22, 2004

File Under: Lord Help Us: Grand Canyon Made by Noah's Flood, Book Says

As if we need another reason to vote Fundie B*sh out (not that he was ever voted in, mind you) sh*t like this is going down in our national parks, for the love of God!

Some yay-hoo who's "met the Lord" has penned a creationist "nature" "guide" that maintains that the Grand Canyon was carved out by Noah's flood, meaning that the Grand Canyon, is, like, oh...a couple thousand years old. Quoi?? Pardon?? Squeeze me??

Let's hear what science has to say about it:
George Billingsley, a geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, has been studying the Grand Canyon for 36 years and said scientists had never agreed about the exact age of the canyon, although most concur that the oldest formations are nearly 2 billion years old.


"We like to acknowledge that there are different viewpoints, but we have to stick with the science. That's our training," Adams said. She said there was no federal guideline for how to answer religious inquiries.

I would like to add my $.02 here to say that I'm glad there is no federal guideline to answer religious inquiries, as I do not expect the Park Service to have guidelines for answering questions about superhero comix or corn futures either. They're there to show us a beautiful and obviously ancient specimen of nature, not to lead us down one or another spiritual path. There is enough majesty in the Grand Canyon for one to have her/his own spiritual moment there; we certainly do not need a federally endorsed religious point of view to enlighten us. What is wrong with these fundamentalist types that they cannot survive a moment on this earth without the God palliative? "God" is writ large and small in everything one does if one chooses to see it or has the heart to understand it. Why would one ever need the validation of something as puny as a governmental entity (as in, The State) to reaffirm one's faith?

It bugs me, and I'm not even close to being a "believer" of any sort. Grrr. Get yer voodoo out of my parks, Galileo haters.