Sunday, October 10, 2004

Dumbyass's "Dred Scott" Reference Explained: It's About Abortion

Holy sh*t.

Just when I'd stopped chuckling about the Chucklehead-in-Chief's biz-arre referencing of the Dred Scott decision during last Thursday's debate, this bit of investigative work by Kynn at the Daily Kos just in. Great work, Kynn. Next time, lie to me, please.

From the post:

The Dred Scott reference is code language for abortion rights. Here's how one anti-choice site describes it:
Stephen Douglas didn't see Dred Scott as a person with rights because he was black; now Al Gore doesn't see these children as people with rights because they are unborn.


When Bush made reference to "Dred Scott" he was assuring his anti-choice constituents that he would indeed only appoint Supreme Court justices who would remove abortion rights. It's unmistakable, once you know the code words. There's no other reason he said it, that damned fundamentalist fascist.
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Blogger R. said...

Truly frightening...and how Fright Wingish to equate slavery with a woman's right to choose. I could spit nails...

Good reporting, Ayse!

4:17 PM  

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