Monday, October 04, 2004

Democracy, Iraqi Style

Militant Cleric Considers Entry Into Iraqi Politics

So it seems that Moqtada al Sadr is considering disbanding his militia and formally entering politics via the electoral process. Various factions are interested in allying with al Sadr, who has the ear and the loyalty of Iraq's poor. You don't get your face on ladies' shopping bags if you're not successful at getting your message across. To wit:

Interestingly, and as most of us who understand what "liberty" and "freedom" really mean, it turns out that the conditions for al Sadr's entry into the democratic process are two-fold: 1) UN involvement (gasp!), and 2) "the absence of any interference from American and British military forces in the electoral process" (gasp! gasp!). Ha. No one should be the least surprised that the first exercise in "democracy" kicks the US out.

But here's what really caught my eye:

... Mr. Sadr's aides have begun to work closely with Ahmad Chalabi, the Iraqi exile who was once a favorite of the Bush administration but who has since fallen out of favor. In recent weeks, Mr. Chalabi has been advising Mr. Sadr's aides in their search for allies, and he has encouraged members of the Shiite Council, a political alliance that he is a part of, to join with Mr. Sadr. Mr. Chalabi and his allies appear to be interested in tapping the vast support that Mr. Sadr enjoys among Iraqis poor and lower-class Shiites.

Quoi?! Ahmed Chalabi, you say? Well, I thought I should take a gander at the byline, cos surely it was our pal and Ahmed's, Judith Miller, who'd penned this report. Well, surely it wasn't! Hmmm. Remember back when Judith-n-Ahmed were sittin' in a tree selling the Iraq war to you and me? Before the NYT had to issue its mea culpa about, well, just those reports? Ahh, the bad old days of influence peddling. Funny, the NYT never called Judith out by name in that mea culpa. This journalism business sure is tricky, y'all. One day the guy selling you the war is your best friend (Judith and Bushies) and the next, you're pulled off the story and your best buddy is flirting with your adversary. Now, that's news! Georgie is probably still playing Tetris and hasn't gotten wind of this yet, but I'll bet Prick and Karl are working overtime trying to figure out how to villify Chalabi and embrace al Sadr. O, the tangled webs we weave...