Saturday, October 30, 2004

B*sh Crime Family Flow Chart

Man, I have been looking for this!!

Then again, we will not for very much longer have to keep these many, many connections in our heads, logging every new thread of the B*shies' web of deceit. Blissfully, they will soon be out of office, though, even as I type this, I worry, knowing that this does not signal the end of their craven powergrab. Though I would not wish it on this country (or any other), these are precisely the people we need to see every day, those who need to be under the media lens (well, some lens anyway). They profit so handily from being invisible (Carlyle Group, anyone?); is it possible that their influence could be stemmed even one small degree -- enough to save thousands of lives -- if we just forced them into the light?

That's the end of the pessimism for me. Finito. Kaput.

Yesterday it hit me all of a sudden what an awesome responsibility John Kerry will have in the coming days and months. I felt sure that we were going to win, though I've said as much for quite some time. But then I was saying it hoping that saying it would make it so. Now I'm saying it, because the feeling is there, and that feeling is a stomach ache. You know you're going to win when it nauseates you to think of all that Kerry will have to do to right all the wrongs that B*shCo has perpetrated on this country, our Constitution, and the world community. If Kerry is half the man that those close to him say he is, and I have no reason to believe he is not (though you can feel that strain of gleeful push-the-story defeatism in the "reporting" about his "character"), we are damn lucky to have him. Who else could clean up this colossal, unholy mess, this "catastrophic success"? I hope to goodness that Kerry does not give one goddam inch in choosing his cabinet and choosing to prosecute those who have so grievously wronged all that is good about America.

We've got 2 days, friends. Let's do this! And no bellyaching. Every single little piece of help does good. Every single thing. Go talk to your mom/brother/cousin/neighbor, and make sure they know that it is imperative they vote. Tell them why it's important to you. Your words are eloquent enough, I guarantee it. Drive them to the polls and stand there for an hour-and-a-half with them if you have to. It'll be a good chance for y'all to catch up anyway. If you don't want to make calls at your local Dem party headquarters, then call up your own friends/family/neighbors/coworkers and encourage them to vote, and especially encourage the wishy-washy and/or apathetic among us. We're not f*cking around here. It's important. Eyes on the prize, with the prize being no less than halting the dismantling of our democracy. It's ours only if we fight for it.

And when you're done and exhausted by 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, think how satisfied you'll feel, how relieved, how elated, that John Kerry will be the next president of the United States, and he will have been elected with a majority, with a mandate to do the will of the people -- us! You'll sleep like a baby that night. And the next night, you'll come to a party at my house and we'll celebrate a true people's victory. (Greens and radicals, I'll get back to you on this.)
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Thanks for finding that chart.

I knew somebody had to have done it at some point. Glad you found it.

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