Friday, October 22, 2004

B*sh Campaign Gives Up the Ghost

Okay, that wasn't really the headline, but it was the serious subtext, and I could see it clear as day. Read the original headline, Bush Signs $136 Billion Corporate Tax Cut Bill, then read the article, and tell me you don't agree. They know they're losing this election, and this is just the first step in the last gasp smash-and-grab looting they'll do on their way out, the debased hooligans.

And though there is much more important malfeasance afoot, might I take this opportunity to say once again how much I hate the New York Times (as the penultimate representative of The Media Behemoth)? Um, assholes, who are these "supporters" and "opponents" of this bill? This is so weak, so listless, so uninspired. Oh, wait. This is from an AP feed. No matter. I still hate the NYT. I wish we could have a free press in this country. Nice dream.

Only the B*sh Administration could replace $5 billion in corporate tax cuts (deemed illegal by the WTO, that socialist workers' collective that it is) with $136 billion in corporate tax cuts that encourages even more corporate irresponsibility by way of allowing corps not to contribute to the pot. Ante up, goliaths, the country needs your revenue contribution. My God, the cajones on these assholes...astonishing. And, like, who knew importers of Chinese ceiling fans were such a strong lobby? (See last line of the article.) Right on up there w/ NASCAR race track owners and bow and arrow hunters. This is the White Trash giveaway, oh dear.