Wednesday, September 22, 2004

This Just In! B*sh is a Flip-Floppin', Waffle-Makin', Fence-Straddlin', Equivocatin' Double Talker.

Woohoo, this is rich. Riyatch, biyatch. You heard me.

You see, kiddies, it looks like Fearless Leader's been fibbin', or he's confused, or desperately seeking a conclusion, or he's a lying, thieving, crooked, remorseless bastard.

Our friends at AMERICAblog have compiled the whole bleeding list. As their byline notes: Because a great nation deserves the truth. Yeah, it does. So which one is it?

1. War on Terror
2. Prevention of the proliferation of WMD
3. Lack of Inspections
4. Remove Saddam Hussein regime
5. Saddam Hussein is evil
6. Invading Iraq would allow us to gain favor in the Middle East
7. Example to other terror states
8. Liberate the Iraqi people
9. Broken Promises - Iraq had made commitments to the UN and the world
10. Revenge for Iraq's attempt on the life of President H.W. Bush
11. Threat Saddam posed to the region
12. Because We Can - There would be little conflict or struggle, little price to pay for entering the country, the war would be easy.
13. Cleaning up unfinished business in Iraq from the first Gulf War
14. War for Oil - The US' oil interests in the Middle East and Iraq serve as a reason for wanting to invade the state and topple its leader.
15. Sake of History - Pres. Bush claimed history had called on the US to take action against Iraq
16. Disarmament - total elimination of ALL weapons in Iraq
17. Safety of the World - Iraq as a terrorist nation could sell weapons to other terrorists and thus posed a threat to the entire world
18. Commitment to the Children - America should give its children and the world's children a better future.
19. Imminent Threat - The uncertainty of Iraq's weapon power and future plans.
20. Preserve Peace - Iraq posted a threat to the peace of the world by its continued terrorist involvement and its increased tension in the Middle East
21. Threat to Freedom - By oppressing its people and threatening the world with possible terror acts, freedom was prevention from spreading through the Middle East and was lessened in those nations that feared terror in their backyards.
22. Link to al Qaeda
23. Iraq Unique - Rumsfeld declared that Saddam Hussein in combination with the weapons potential in Iraq made Iraq different than the other "axis of evil" countries, and therefore a great immediate threat.
24. Relevance of UN - The UN was put on notice that it would face illegitimacy if it did not support the cause of the United States.
25. Iraq had broken international law - Colin Powell said that violations of UN resolutions broke international laws established in the UN Charter.

It has been pointed out that this is a partial list, so many more flippity-floppin' rationales to come!

To further shame the useless American media lemmings, the original research comes from an undergraduate student at the University of Illinois. 200 pages of B*sh Admin. weaselly provocation and opportunism and media credulity. Go on with your bad self, Devon Largio.

A pox on the media's house.