Friday, September 10, 2004

Haiku Against B*sh

A sampling of yesterday's Haiku Against Bush below. Dissent Channel will periodically enlighten and embolden our dear readers with haiku on a variety of subjects. Stay tuned!

Dick is such a prick
But fear not, brave warrior
He's only half-cocked

vote for brainless bush
or vote for spineless kerry
why not dean heeeaahhh

Don't vote for Dumb Ass
Don't vote for Traitor Nader
Vote the leftover

No Bush in oh-four
Democrat is the right way
Neocons nevermore

Do not cry, dear Dems
On Nov. 3 this ends
Party at ae's!

I see that some friends at the DNC did this, too.

Ours are better! Evidence these from our Haiku Editor eoe:

Apathy abounds
Blissful ignorance: easy
Citizens, clue in

Redrum: murderer
Cheney: evil incarnate
Bush: stupiderest

KenBoy stole millions
For BushCo and GOP
While retirees starve

And now we've got friends joining in! No one can fight the sweet siren song of haiku.

A choice is a gift
A gift that some do not have
Your vote is your gift
(eoe's pal julie)