Wednesday, September 08, 2004

From the Nightmare Headlines File: Bush: OB-GYNs kept from 'practicing their love'

What in the bejeezus is this moron doing trying to talk? Can't they keep the boy on a short leash? He's getting on my last nerve.

What does this mean "doctors practicing their 'love'"?? $@#%&! Are you kidding? Does dumbyass think we live in some sort of Little House on the Prarie reality where kindly ol' Doc Smith nurses our hurts with tenderness borne of lifelong community connection? When will he stop snorting coke and come back to reality? Is he so far removed from the HMO hell that most of us (though it's not many and now there are fewer of us w/ any coverage) deal with? Rhetorical question, obviously. But OB-GYNs practicing "love"? What was he trying to say? How can one of our leaders be so immune to the reality around him? Is he not aware of the fact that serious protocols are now in place because of the "love" that doctors did try to show their female patients? Has this never come up in the discussions on women's health he has with his evangelical advisers? This is why there is always a nurse present now. Women have enough to contend with in our lives to worry about this sort of crap, too.

Will no one say the man is an idiot? I will. The man is an idiot.