Monday, September 27, 2004

Coulter on women: "We're not that bright"

Annthrax's latest pent up, frustrated explosion of (poorly) sublimated pityingly awkward sexual passion has moved me to pen this homage:

O, what a blunder is Ann Coulter
What an eyesore, what a dunder
I'm sick of her insanity -- really,
How else to explain her inanity?
She hates herself, hence "women"
That crack'd bulb of hers be dimmin'.
I confess I hate Ann Coulter, yo.
She can take her bushit and go.

Aw, heck, why not another? Poor, pitiful Ann's deserving of so much worse, so why not do it in verse?

Ann Coulter? Nay, Ann Dolter
She's the doltiest dolt of all
The nuttiest peanut at the ball.
She sez wimmins be dum, ya--
Cuz the wimmins like dumbya?
While her candidate holds her in thrall.

(Hint: Annthrax is 'not that bright,' y'all.)

Pity poor, sad Annthrax -- she's poison! Poison, I say! -- on Media Matters for America.