Tuesday, September 07, 2004

The B*sh Economy Finally Comes Home to Roost w/ Cock Cheney

What's that you say? Halliburton has not provided enough details to support $1.82 billion of work out of $4.3 charged in their no-bid contracts? No! Halliburton do something specious and unscrupulous and give the impression of impropriety? I don't believe it. I'm sure they have those receipts...um....right...uhhh, here somewhere.

---crickets chirping while we wait for rebuttal---

Looks like it's not coming.

Hey, even if the Army does split up Halliburton's contracts and re-bid them, Prick Cheney still gets paid. That's the beauty of his plan. He's on Halliburton's dime for a long time comin' with the retroactive payments for his years as CEO and the zillion and three shares he's got in company stock.

Fine, I'll ask it again: What world do we live in that this entire administration has not had to
1) resign in shame
2) go to jail en masse